Frequently Asked Questions About Powder Coating In Industries

Manufacturing plants that powder coat their products must have reliable equipment that meets each specific need in the factory. In addition to equipment installation and set up, many companies also offer additional services to their customers to provide support for any issues that may arise. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about purchasing powder coating equipment for any type of business or industry.

Can one company provide all of the machines and equipment that’s required for a batch powder coating set up?

Yes, many companies specialize only in powder coating equipment so they have many sizes and styles available for any type of business model. This includes powder spray booths and walls, gas-fueled and electric ovens, parts washers, steam units, spray wands and blast rooms. Industries that require specialized powder coating equipment or non-traditional sizes can contact the company for custom made powder coating devices and supplies. Experienced technicians can fabricate the exact type of equipment that’s needed for any application. Since the products are made at the facility, they can be completed and set up in a short amount of time.

What additional services does a company that sells powder coating equipment offer?

A company that sells and custom fabricates powder coating equipment often performs other services related to the industry. This includes the set up of the equipment and on-site training by a qualified technician for hands on operation, quality issue review, and how to care for and maintain spray booth guns and pumps. Safety issues will also be addressed and technicians will teach safety training to company employees. Safety issues that are taught include appropriate grounding and possible reasons for arcing. Technicians will describe the safety controls on the spray gun and perform tests to assure proper function. Additional services provided include equipment maintenance and repair to solve any issues. A technician will also perform a line audit to evaluate the operation and offer recommendations for powder coating problems.

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